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Aiken, South Carolina Self Storage Insurance

It's Not Insurance – It’s a Tenant Protection Plan

If it’s worth storing, then it’s worth protecting. Most of us feel that way. Unfortunately, with the average homeowners’ or renters’ insurance policies, the deductible may be high or an added claim may result in increased premiums, or worse yet, cancellation of your policy.


Our Tenant Protection Program Has NO Deductible

Fortunately, Aiken Self Storage is able to provide a very inexpensive tenant property protection plan for the unlikely what if’s that won’t affect your regular policy. Many of our customers have found our tenant property protection plan provides them the peace of mind and protection they desire. Your low cost peace of mind protection is available when you rent at our site, at our 24-hour kiosk, or when you call us at 803-649-9988.

  • Be sure to always make a list of everything you are going to store, as you will need that list for your records.
  • We do require proof of insurance or that insurance be maintained for any RVs, boats, or vehicles that will be stored on our property.



Purchased along with your storage rental, your coverage becomes effective the moment you sign the form and make your first payment. It’s that easy! Just like your storage space, the plan renews automatically each month with no long term commitment. Protection continues as long as you are current on your monthly rent and stops when you vacate the unit. If something happens to your goods, you talk directly to us, not a claims adjuster located in another state.


Low Cost

With our plan, there’s no deductible. Plans are $12 per month for $3,000 in coverage or $20 per month for $5,000 in coverage. Homeowners and business insurance policies often have steep deductibles and filing a claim could raise your monthly premium. Stuff happens, so be prepared. For as little as 38¢ a day, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your stored goods are protected.



  • Property is fully fenced and well-lit.
  • Disc locks are available for sale in our office to add to your unit security.
  • Personal identification number coded gate access.
  • High resolution video surveillance cameras.
  • Secure electronic money transactions and PCI compliance.
  • Customer account information is maintained off-site on secure servers.
  • No illegal, combustible, flammable, or volatile items are allowed to be stored in units
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